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Aperiodic tilings, earthquakes and electrons

La soirée se tiendra dans la grande salle au fond du bar. Veuillez noter que ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux fauteuils roulants.
Évènement passé - 2024
14 mai Ouverture des portes à 19h. Début des présentations à 19h30
Le Tonneau de Diogène, 6 Place Notre Dame
38000, Grenoble
Quasicrystals are mesmerizing patterns of points and polygons that are mathematically ordered but never repeat.
They entered the frontline of quantum physics when the atoms of certain materials were discovered to be arranged as quasicrystals, a noble prize discovery. In this talk, we will discuss how recently discovered (in 2023!) aperiodic tilings, the Hat tilings, behave when waves travel through them. We will show how these can reveal new microscopic quantum properties and help detect Earth-size seismic waves.
Labex OSUG

Seismic waves through the Hat quasicrystal

Aurelien Mordret (PostDoc, ISTerre)
In the first talk, we will explore the innovative application of aperiodic tilings, also known as quasicrystals, as a new seismic detector geometry, leveraging their unique non-repeating patterns to enhance sensitivity and accuracy in earthquake monitoring.
We will discuss how some members of the Hat family of tilings can be used to design seismic detection arrays and how they could beat standard, ordered arrays in accurately detecting seismic waves

Electronic waves through the Hat quasicrystal

Adolfo GRUSHIN (Research Scientist, Institut Neel, CNRS)
In the second talk, we will discuss a hypothetical material where the atoms are arranged at the vertices of the Hat tiling. We will show that the electrons around such an arrangement of atoms show remarkable new quantum properties, half-way between ordered crystals and known quasicrystals. We will discuss possible ways these hypothetical materials could be realized in the laboratory.
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