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Connecting people: networks & social good

Évènement passé - 2019
22 mai EVENT IN ENGLISH - Opening: 7PM - Start: 7.30PM - End: 10PM
Le Sonart - Events in English, 55 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle,
PARIS 75009
Together we are stronger! The global problems of our time require all of us to participate… But how can science help? Come discover how network science and data science can be harnessed to connect people in a more efficient, inclusive and diverse manner to solve the most urgent and important problems of our time. 

Open network of Learners across borders

Liuba Tupikina (researcher, CRI and MIPT)
Nowadays everyone can get access to unlimited amount of information. This does not mean this information can help us to find immediate solutions overcome poverty, hunger or bring peace to our society. We are investigating the growing potential of implementing models and algorithms for analysis of this information in order to apply these techniques for social good. Our project "Lecturers without borders" aims to do both: link together educational and researchers' networks and analyze the way the social initiatives are working together nowadays in different parts of the world.

Science 2.0: science in the digital age

Marc Santolini (research fellow, CRI Paris)
Knowledge production is a collective effort, with researchers interacting in laboratories and conferences, collaborating within always larger research programs, and publishing results for others to cite and explore even further. By investigating these interactions, scientists are building a “science of science”, a field attempting to create a model for scientific production. But if we can study scientists themselves with big data, can we design smart tools to make their research more efficient, more collaborative and more global?