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Fly like a Pro and become the next top gun !

La soirée se déroule à l'intérieur dans la salle de gauche. The event is happening inside, in the room on the left.
Évènement passé - 2024
14 mai Door : 6.45pm // Start : 7.00pm // End : 9.30 pm
Grand Café Barretta, 14 Place Saint-Didier
84000, Avignon
Join us for two captivating talks exploring aviation and human perception. "Fly Like a Pro: the next top gun could be you!" paints a future where piloting personal air vehicles is as easy as playing a video game, while "Lost in space: the perils of pilot disorientation" delves into the dangers of spatial disorientation for pilots and the challenges of developing automated assistance systems. From the thrill of flight to the complexities of human cognition, these talks promise an enlightening journey.
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Grand café Barretta

Fly Like a Pro: the next top gun could be you !

Yale LEE (Doctorante à l'ONERA)
What if I told you you and I can soon pilot personal air vehicles in our everyday lives? You would ask: "Even without an expert level training?". Well, I believe an intuitive enough design will help your mind assimilate the control as the natural outcome of our own actions, given the output trajectory mimics human displacement. Then piloting the most unstable aerial ways of locomotion, namely rotorcraft, will become as easy as playing a video game. Now, let me convince you that reliving the Fifth Element and its iconic taxi-drones is at out fingertips.

Lost in space: the perils of pilot disorientation

Dr. Anne-Laure RINEAU (Post-doctorante à l'ONERA)
You may have experienced this feeling while sitting in a train at the station: "Is it my train or the one across that moved?... Ah, no, my train hasn't left the platform it's the other one!" In that case, you were a victim of an illusion (called spatial disorientation) which is often caused by the ambiguity of the situation that our brain must process. In our daily life, those illusions have minor effects, but now imagine you are piloting an aircraft... It could be much more dangerous, no?! Come and understand the mechanism behind spatial disorientation and why it is complex to elaborate an automated piloting assistance system addressing this issue. Big questions ahead, captain!
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