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How transformations impact in our lives ?

Évènement passé - 2023
23 mai Ouverture des portes à 18h30 ; début de la soirée à 19h et fin vers 21h
Warpzone, 92 Mail François Mitterrand
35000, Rennes
This event will be held in english !

In today's changing world, we seek new ways to improve our lives by managing resources, food, and energy. Join us to learn how our researchers tackle energy transformation and control insect plagues in crops by modifying insect behavior.

Challenges and Innovations in the Energy Transition

François Faraldo (Project Manager at PackGy)
The industrial era fossil fuels led to a massive use in our everyday activities. Their price, ease of storage, transportation and consumption were practical for usage with no damage consciousness. Nowadays it is widely acknowledged that climatic emergency and geopolitical issues are pushing us towards renewable energies and into more sustainable ways of producing and consuming energy.
This talk aims to make awareness and to rethink our way of producing and consuming heat energy through introducing novel mindsets and technological improvements.

Odors to protect crop against insect pest. How can we do ?

Margot Tixeront (PhD student UMR Igepp)
Plant-emitted volatile organic compounds play a major role in host-plant location processes in phytophagous insects. Thus odours that modify the behavior of insect pests appear as a promising way to protect crops against insect pests, as part of an integrated pest management. Integrated pest management is an emerging solution to protect crops using less or no insecticides. In this presentation the role of odours in the life and perception of the insect will be addressed with the public in order to discover a part of what is called “chemical ecology”.


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