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Infinity's whimsy: A graphical odyssey

Salle en sous-sol, accès par des escaliers
Évènement passé - 2024
14 mai Door open time: 7 pm - Start time: 7.30 pm - End time: 9.30 pm
La Ferme, 5 Rue des Petites Écuries
75010, Paris
Dive into the whimsical realm of mathematical independence and graph theory! Unraveling mysteries from elusive numbers to interconnected nodes, join our journey through infinite possibilities and practical applications, including Euler's classic bridge-crossing puzzle.

A spectre is haunting mathematics...

Dianthe Basak (doctorante, Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu – Paris Rive Gauche, Université Paris Cité)
Since the 20th century, mathematicians have been puzzled: among the realms of mathematics, some defy the rules of math that hold true in others. The existence of this multiverse is the phenomenon of "independence". One particularity about independence is the Axiom of Choice: when faced with infinite choices, you can always pick one item from each set. This story has taken mathematicians into a new world where elusive forces whisk numbers away before counting them. Join us on an adventure through this universe as we find out what is finite, what remains infinite, and what lies between.

Graphs as model for networks

Reza Naserasr (chargé de recherche, Institut de Recherche en Informatique Fondamentale, CNRS)
Graphs are like maps that help us understand connections between different things, like friends in a social network or streets in a city. They are made of dots (nodes) connected by lines (edges), showing how things are linked. Tonight, we will talk about some common problems involving graphs and how they're used to solve everyday issues. And for a bit of fun, we'll try out a classic puzzle from way back in Euler's time (1736): finding a route on a map that crosses every bridge exactly once.
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