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Personal data : "companies' black gold"

Sur le campus, sur réservation
Évènement passé - 2019
21 mai Ouverture des portes à 19h. Début de la soirée à 19h30.
L'Amicale de Chimie , 1, Rue Blaise Pascal,
Strasbourg 67000
Have you ever wondered who had access to every single data you enter online ? It must be saved somewhere, somehow. 
Tonight, we reveal the black spot behind the term GDPR : General Data Protection Regulation. 
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What companies can do with your personal data...

Me Maryline DURIN (lawyer)
Me Ralph ROGGENBUCK (Legal Avisor - European Consumer Centre)
Our lives are organized around digital tools and our circulating data are exchanged, stored, analyzed and processed continuously. Today, they represent a real market value. What's the overall impact of the general regulations on data protection (GDPR) ? What questions should the consumer ask himself and what power does he really have? And above all, what are the sanctions for companies?