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Science : through the looking glass

Sur le campus, sur réservation
Évènement passé - 2019
20 mai Ouverture des portes à 19h. Début de la soirée à 19h30.
L'Amicale de Chimie , 1, Rue Blaise Pascal,
Strasbourg 67000
Scientific research is not only about playing at the bench with very advanced tools, thinking about hypotheses and inventing crazy experiments to prove them.. During this evening you'll explore the hidden face of science : the upstream search for funds and the downstream need of scientific publications.
science connect

Fund my science

Dr. Jean-Claude WORMS (CEO, European Science Foundation)
Before doing actual science, you might need a lab. In order to build up your lab, you might need machines and materials. Then you might also need people to work on your amazing projects… but all of this costs a lot of money. So, where do scientists get it from ? Tonight, discover the hidden world of funding, decision making and policies behind research. An important hidden ecosystem with its own rules and actors.

Publish or perish

Pr. Jacques HAIECH (Professeur des Universités - Université de Strasbourg)
Pressures weighing upon scientists, in the research and education environment, can lead to scientific misconducts. These behaviours appear as survival strategies. In the litterature, 80% of the results are non reproducible. Logical, if you think that most of scientists dishonnesties are unconscious and respond to the need of a high publication rate.