The magic of science and particules

Évènement passé - 2018
16 mai 20h00
Monkey 81 Place Edmond Desailloud,
Chamonix 74400
Let's have a trip into the mind and into physical world with two scientists. You would bet you're a zero in math? Discover how an ancient civilization used to deal with mathematics and, litteraly, change your mind about it! We will then explore the mysterious world of particles and what scientists are planning right now at CERN of Geneva. 

A particle adventure: Flavors, colors, and the universe from an accelerator

Andrea Rodriguez Perez (Physicist, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and ATLAS (CERN))
Elementary particle physics started by wondering "what is the universe made of?" Well, it is made of particles. We will talk about the different kinds of particles and how they were found, and about the role they play in nature. We will talk about what we know about them, and about what we do not know, and how we are trying to solve the remaining mysteries of fundamental physics in big accelerators like the LHC

Transform your brain with vedic math

Lise-Anne Putnam (Mathematician)
Your brain will never be the same! Prove to yourself that you are indeed a mathematical being.
Neurosciences has taught us many new ideas in the last decade. We thought that as we age we all experience brain cell loss but nothing could be further from the truth.
We can grow new connections between our neurons, trace new paths in our brains.

Join this talk and explore the ideas of Vedic math, a system of derived from the vedas by Swami Bharati Krishna Tirthaji.
Guaranteed you’ve never seen Maths like this !



81 Place Edmond Desailloud, Chamonix, 74400 81 Place Edmond Desailloud, Chamonix, 74400