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We top the scale of nature because we made it up

The ticket includes 1 drink: beer, wine or fresh detox juice
Évènement passé - 2019
One drink included
Opening: 7PM - Start: 7.30PM - End: 10PM
EP7 - Events in English, 133 Avenue de France,
PARIS 75013
Many people believe they understand how biological evolution works. But what if we told you evolution is completely short-sighted and does not lead to progress? That we humans are not more evolved than bacteria? Or that mushrooms are more closely related to us than they are to plants?

Be happy, you are an ape!

Luis Javier Galindo (PhD student, Université Paris-Sud)
Biological evolution is one of those concepts which many of us believe to understand. However, the most popular definition of evolution in our society is the one of a row of monkeys standing up and losing their hair until they become humans. This image is both simple and problematic, and leads to the question: do we really understand how evolution works? Rediscover the evolutionary theory, its history and basic concepts!

Improvement via natural selection? In your dreams.

Jacqui Shykoff (research director, CNRS)
You all know about natural selection and the phrase, falsely attributed to Charles Darwin, "survival of the fittest" to explain how it works. Do you think that natural selection leads to progress and organisms perfectly designed for their environments? Do you think that natural selection increases complexity? Do you think that we are more evolved than bacteria or yeast? Come learn how evolution by natural selection is at least as likely to lead organisms into blind alleys as to improve them, to simplify as to complexify them and that evolution does not mean progress.

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133 Avenue de France, PARIS, 75013 , France 133 Avenue de France, PARIS, 75013 , France
133 Avenue de France, PARIS, 75013 , France 133 Avenue de France, PARIS, 75013 , France
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The invisible universe

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