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When Physics go viral ! (event in english)

Évènement passé - 2019
20 mai 20:00
The Black Sheep, 21 Boulevard Louis Blanc
34000, Montpellier
What is a virus ? Why study it and what are the means available to study it ? How can physics help us in this kind of study ?

When Physics go viral !

Samuel Alizon (CNRS Research Director based in the MIVEGEC department (Montpellier))
Vladimir Pimonov (PhD student, University of Montpellier, Charles Coulomb Laboratory)
Several thousands of virus species have been reported in nature but there are likely to be much more. 219 of these are known to infect humans. Viruses are so small that although their presence was identified more than a century ago, it is only thanks to the progress of microscopy in the 30s that they could finally be observed. Viruses are studied from a variety of angles by many branches of science. For instance, understanding the geometric shape of these microscopic entities can help us find how they enter their host cells but also devise methods to develop new therapies.

Special event

The event will be entirely in English.
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