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Where do great ideas come from?

Évènement passé - 2019
21 mai EVENT IN ENGLISH - Opening: 7PM - Start: 7.30PM - End: 10PM
Le Sonart - Events in English, 55 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle,
PARIS 75009
In today's world of global economy and complex modern societies, creative intelligence and innovative capacities have a widely recognized value for success. From arts to the sciences, business and technology, "great ideas" seem to drive progress in every human endeavour. But where do great ideas come from?

The secret life of the creative brain

Emmanuelle Volle (researcher, INSERM)
We've all heard that the left brain is responsible for our logical and analytical thinking while the right brain is reponsible for our creativity, and capacity to innovate. This binary vision of our brain is very popular, and completely false! Our guest, Emmanuelle Volle, will debunk this myth by revealing how the brain actuality works as a complex network designed to subserve human behavioral adaptation to complex or novel situations, such as creativity, reasoning, or problem-solving.

Eureka! Mathematics and the birth of new ideas

Vittorio Loreto (director, Sony Computer Science Lab Paris)
Novelties are part of our daily lives. We constantly adopt new technologies, meet new people, experiment with new situations and occasionnaly come up with new ideas. Though we perceive them as a very natural ingredient of our human experience, little is known about the processes determining their emergence. Our speaker, Vittorio Loreto takes us on a journey to explore a possible mathematical scheme that explains the birth of new ideas.