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Soft Robotics & Bubbling Wonders

Évènement passé - 2024
15 mai Admission begins at 19:00
La Fontaine, 4 rue des boucheries
25000, Besançon
Discover how researchers are revolutionizing robotics with soft materials, aiming to mimic nature's agility and adaptability through artificial muscles. Then, delve into the enchanting world of bubbles, where we'll unravel the mysteries behind their formation and behavior.

Soft robotics: artificial muscles

Nelson Cisneros (Doctorant UFC)
Today, robots exhibit impressive capabilities, primarily in controlled environments. However, in some cases, they can be dangerous for humans in collaborative situations. Biological organisms utilize soft materials, outperforming traditional robots in terms of dexterity, agility, and adaptability. Natural muscles are a crucial part of evolution, so researchers are interested in creating artificial muscles.
Come and discover a type of artificial muscle fabricated with thin plastic films and liquids to achieve high mechanical compliance.

A story about bubbles

Himanshi KHARKWAL (PhD Candidate in micro-nanosciences and systems)
Everyone knows about bubbles. Whether they're vapor bubbles or air bubbles, their formation and life cycle are still the subject of scientific research, both on Earth and in space, as we still know very little about them. We'll be taking a particular interest in vapor bubbles during boiling, which not only cooks pasta but is also an excellent means of cooling. We will attempt to answer the following questions: Why do bubbles form? Why are they shaped the way they are? Can we make a bubble appear at a specific location? Can we control their growth and shape? What are the possible applications?
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